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Phone extension can't be called

I have two phones that have been registered with call manager and had lines configured on them after auto-registering. Currently when any one of 150+ other 7940's call these two extensions, they get a fast busy. I don't have any other route patterns that match them and I have tried deleting them as well as putting them on a different phone. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Phone extension can't be called

Have you changed any partitions and calling search spaces? Are you sure your the calling search space on your ohter phones allow you to call the partions that these two lines are in. If you are familair with ccm traces. Please past in the part where it is doing digit analysis and we can see why the call is not going through.

The part in the trace I would be interested the line will have dd"15636". Assuming 15636 was the dn you are calling. I would like that whole line and the next 20 lines if you can get this.

Make sure the trace is set to detailed and you are not doing device based tracing.

Here is a link for tracing.

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