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Phone Keepalive timeout

I'd like to know what is the timeout of 7960 phone keepalive, how much time the phone will wait until it switches to the secondary Call Manager.

Also, can we modify this value?

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Re: Phone Keepalive timeout

There are two relevant keepalives, one for the primary Call Manager and one for the first backup Call Manager. They are controlled under Call Manager “Services” and are Call Manager specific.

Under Call Manager Administration:

Services > Service Parameters > > Call Manager services

StationKeepaliveInterval (the default is 30 seconds)

Station2ndKeepaliveInterval (the default is 60 seconds)

I believe but am not certain that the phone must miss 3 consecutive keepalives (similar to router serial links) before it is deemed the primary Call Manager server is down.

Having said this I strongly advise you not to change these parameters unless advised by TAC.




Re: Phone Keepalive timeout

Bob is correct, the phone must miss 3 keepalives.

However, if you Stop the CM service gracefully, the CM will send a TCP RST to the phones, causing them to failover immediately. So if you have a planned downtime, you can minize the failover time.


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Re: Phone Keepalive timeout

Has anyone got any links to documentation that states this 3 missed alives before failover?

Im writing it up for a customer and Ive tried it in our lab with two CM's, If I pull the network cable from the primary CM the phones failover after 30-35secs everytime, so its only missing one keepalive.

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