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Phone keeps ringing


I am running CM 3.2(2c) SP G. Every so often I get a handfull of phones that will keep ringing and will never forward to voicemail. I have 7960 running phone load 215. As a workaround I click update on the Line appearance in question (without resetting the phone) and this clears up the problem.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Frank Marotta

Community Member

Re: Phone keeps ringing


Had the same problem on my most recent install -- it affected phones every once in a while.

I forget the workaround we used (I think it was unplug and replug in the Ethernet cable) . . . but still it tied up some time the first few occurences until we figured out it was a "regular" issue.


Community Member

Re: Phone keeps ringing

Frank I have also seen this problem with one of my accounts. I usually uncheck the box next to voice mail, click update, then put the check mark back and it clears up the problem. I have also unchecked the box and put the vm pilot number in. Hey are you on LI or NYC?

Community Member

Re: Phone keeps ringing

I am in NYC. I have found that it is not what settings you change under the line appearance but the action of clicking update that fixes this issues (short term). does clicking update do anything else besides update the sql database.

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