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phone line visual problem

Both of our secretaries phones report that another persons line is busy with the blinking X even though the line is not busy.

We have tried rebooting the persons phone, because we thought it was an issue with his phone since two other people are having the same problem with it.

They are still able to call and trasnfer to his line while its blinking so the line is not tied down, the problem is simply the visual is blinking with an X whether the line is actually in use or not.

Googling did not bring much up on the subject since its probably some strange fluke so we were hoping someone here might have an answer or have experienced it before..


Re: phone line visual problem

You might be running into a bug here. Check the bug-Id: CSCed43618


Re: phone line visual problem

have experienced something similiar with a cme implementation and the sp14 module. if i remember correctly, resetting didnt work either, i removed the directory number associated and then reapplied. happened a few weeks after and did the same thing. up to date, no problem exists however,this was just a temporary "fast fix" i came up with. ill check that bug id as well.

update: checked bug and doesnt seem to be simliar

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