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Phone Load for CCM3.3(3)sr2

What is the best/safest phone load for 7960 and 7940 phones with CCM3.3(3)sr2?

I know each one has its gotchas or they wouldn't put out new ones, but I am going to CCM3.3(3)sr2 and do not want to spend days trying out phone loads. :)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Phone Load for CCM3.3(3)sr2

It will come with at least 5.0(2) and more likely 5.0(3) signed loads (I haven't checked yet), neither of which has given us any trouble in production on several different customers. 5.0(1) did have some issues, but that won't be the load you get.

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Re: Phone Load for CCM3.3(3)sr2

Thanks for your reponse I greatly appreciate it.


Re: Phone Load for CCM3.3(3)sr2

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Have a good one.

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Re: Phone Load for CCM3.3(3)sr2

What kind of problems did you experience with the 5.0.1 load? I am keen to know, cos loads 5.0.2-3 seemed okay on my network with the exception of two 7960 handsets which just kept restarting for no apparent reason.

However, back tracking to 5.0.1 seems to have solved the problem. In due season, I am going to sniff those handsets to understand what the cause was.

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Re: Phone Load for CCM3.3(3)sr2

These are the phone loads for each device as per SR2 Readme file:

Firmware Versions:

7970 Device support Added

IP Phone 7970 - TERM70.DEFAULT.loads

Analog Access WS-X6624 Load - A00204000003

Conference Bridge WS-X6608 - C00103010014

Digital Access+ Load - D00303010033

Digital Access WS-X6608 Load - D00404000003

IP Phone 7902g - CP7902010101SCCP030821A.sbin

IP Phone 7905g - CP7905010200SCCP030918A.zup

IP Phone 7910 - P00405000300

IP Phone 7912g - CP7912010200SCCP030918A.sbin

IP Phone 7920 - cmterm_7920.3.3-01-03.bin

IP Phone 7935 - P00503010300

IP Phone 7940/7960 - P00305000300

Media Termination Point WS-X6608 - M00103010014

The 7940/60 and 7910 loads are the latest available on CCO and were released on the 3/10/03. We have been running these since release and have had no issues.



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