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phone ring


I have several 7902 phones that are not physically ringing whe a call is made to the phone. When I call I can here the ringing on the handset, but if I am standing next to the phone it does not ring. There is no flashing light on the handset either. The call does not go straight to voicemail. It rings for the time set to ring for then transfers to voicemail.

I just can't see why the phones are not physically ringing. What could cause that to happen?

I have 7940/7960 and they ring fine. I have attempted to configure the 7902 with the same CSS, DP, and Part as the 7940/7960, but no results.

CCM 4.1(3)sr3c

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: phone ring


What type of gateway are you using? There is a bug related to MGCP gatewasy but I don't think it will apply to your case.

What happens if you replace the 7912 with a 7960, does it ring? If so, then the connection is fine; otherwise, check the connection. Make sure that the call is landing to the right phone. For that you can use a callmanager tool call Dial Number Analyzer, this tool helps you to simulate a call from one number to another one selecting diferent settings such as CSS, partition and so forth.

This is a great tool and it will show you whether you are using the right CSS, Partitions, etc.

Let me know if it helps.


Re: phone ring

perhaps you do not hear the phone ring but is there a visual cue that the phone is ringing as on the 7940/60 where a little phone icon wobbles next to the line that is ringing?

is the volume turned completely down?

just thinking out loud here...

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Re: phone ring

tunrs out, deleted and re-adding the phone resolves the issue. Looks like I have several phones to recreate.

I appreciate your responses.


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