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Phone Rings via XML

I saw one archived post asking if it's possible to cause the phone to ring by sending it XML (or a URL via the CiscoIPPhoneExecute method). I saw a general response referring to the developer's forum, but not definitive response as to whether this is possible.

As far as I can see, it's not possible, which is a real shame. I have to think that the ring selection screen on the phone off of the Settings menu contains some sort of URL that causes the phone to tftp the file then play it. Further, I would also think that pushing events to the phone could certainly legitimately include having the phone ring.

IOW, it seems that (a) all the parts are there, and (b) a legitimate need exists; but it's simply not documented anywhere. Can anyone speak to why and/or whether this is something on the roadmap?



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Re: Phone Rings via XML

Grant, yes, this is possible. You can select the phone ring types using XML objects. As you said, the XML objects can execute the URL and play the ring type from a TFTP Server.Each of these procedures is given in the document on as given below.

More details on this can be found at:

Custom Phone Rings

Hope this helps.

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Re: Phone Rings via XML

Thanks for the reply. I know I can set custom rings per the referenced document; but the document doesn't say how to "execute" (i.e., play) the ring file via XML. Is there some other document that does show this?

Thanks again.


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