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Phone serial numbers

Has anyone come up with a way to pull the serial numbers from the telephones? I need to have a listing af all my serial numbers for the phones, and all I have is there MAC addresses. (I didn't put them on my SmartNet contract...)

If you hit the mini-web server in the phones, it displays the serial number. That number matches the sticker on the phone.

I'm hoping to not have to touch all of my phones in 5 buildings.


Steve Barr

Madison Local School District


Re: Phone serial numbers


The only way I know of getting the S/N of the phone without going to the phone is to use your browser (http://IPAdress). You get each phone's IP address from CCM>>>Device>>>Phone and do a blank search. This could be time consuming if you have lots of phones installed. Sure wish there was a better method but I'm not aware of any. Good Luck.


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Re: Phone serial numbers

Not quite sure I know what you are looking for, but you could try something like this... a simple script to telnet to port 80 of each phone's IP. Send:


Host: phoneip(CRLF)

Then, just parse that info, grab the MAC, S/N, DN and whatever else you need and dump it to a file.

Should work nicely.

Hope this helps


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Re: Phone serial numbers

I have the same need to get all the serial numbers from +600 phones for Smartnet. I have looked through most of the SQL tables looking for the IP address. Since the IP address is available on the Device\Phone page in CCM, I would suspect the IP address is stored in one of the SQL tables. That would be easier than taking them 50 at a time from the web page.

I am also planning to create a script that hits port 80 on all the phones and scraps off the serial numbers.

Does anyone know what table the IP address for the devices are stored?



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Re: Phone serial numbers

It might be quicker to just scan the whole subnet(s). Obviously this is easier if the phones are on their own subnet or vlan. Having a list of all addresses that answer on port 80, whether you get a phone-like response, might be useful anyway.

Re: Phone serial numbers

ip address is not stored in SQL, it is stored in the can see some in devicelistX.asp, but you only see push supported phones...

or try the AXL SOAP API, I think you can find ip addresses of phones...

Or look at your purchase order, I think the mac address and s/n are in there...

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