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Phone trigger on event

I have an application for everytime a person gets a phone call in, or places a phone call I need some sort of trigger to be executed.. ie: drop a integer into a database or hit a webpage of some sort.

Main reason for this is we need to have a Outlook Journal Window Pop-up for the first phase of this project everytime a I/O call is made from a series of phones.

Thanks in advance


Re: Phone trigger on event

Sounds like a JTAPI/TAPI application... monitor the device and when a new call is detected perform some action. This has been discussed in a few threads here, and you'll want to pick up Cisco's JTAPI/TAPI spec from Cisco Developer Services ( )if you don't have it already. If you're using Java, Sun has numerous JTAPI resources on their site as well (

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Re: Phone trigger on event

I agree. It is a TAPI item. You can monitor the status of the phone and when an I/O call is connected send the phone an XML execute

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