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Pickup Group issue...


I need some help. I'm new with cisco ip telephony and my english is not that good, please bare with me.

How does the "associated call pickup group" really works ?

I'm trying to setup a 2 pick group association. I know how to do this, but the result is not what I expect.

I have 2 groups, PG1 and PG2.

  • I want to notify the rest of the extensions of PG1 if I call any extension of PG1.
  • I want to notify all the extensions of PG1 if I call any extension of PG2.
  • Any extension of PG2 is not to be notified in either case.

Is this configuration possible with pickup groups ?

So far, I succefully configured a pickup group, I have tested it and i'm pleased. The pickup group configuration will notify the rest of the extensions on the same group when someone calls an extension that belongs to this group.

When I associate pickup groups, I see no difference in the behaviour of the groups when not associated.


Any help is appreciated.

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