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pilot point and hunt group


I want to configure a structure like a "hotline". When you call a specific numbers, the 4 phones of my hotline ring and the first answer releases the line.

I configure a pilot point (pilot number 300 for exemple), a hunt group with 3 members:

call directory number 1234

call directory number 1235

direct call to casta, line 1 (Must I configure line 1 ?)

So when I dial the number 300, it should ring on 1234, 1235 and line1.

But there's no result.

I need some help, please.

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Re: pilot point and hunt group

CallManager does not support a group call/broadcast call at present.

It can only deliver the call to the first available (or least recently used) line dependent on the pilot point configuration.

I too hope it will be implemented soon!


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Re: pilot point and hunt group

the right way to make few phones to ring at the same time is to configure shared line on all phones, then when you'll dial the DN all phones will ring and the first one to pick up the phone will answer the call.

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Re: pilot point and hunt group

The problem with this is that this is not a group/broadcast call in the hunt group sense.

The first phone to answer a shared line appearance has control of that DN. Subsequent calls to that shared line (whilst the first call is still active) will only show on the same phone that first answered - i.e. as call waiting - the other phones do not ring.

CallManager really does need a proper station hunt group capability with group/broadcast calls, Ring-no-answer withdrawal etc.

This is now the biggest stumbling block for most of my customers.


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Re: pilot point and hunt group


There are some weaknesses in this area yes - but really - you can do what you want just fine.

Set up a main call number on each phone (3000 for instance) and the same virtual lines on each phone (1234, 1235, 1236). TURN OFF call waiting on all lines (except the last line if you want) and enable ring on all lines.

Set the FwdBSY and FwdNA on 3000 to 1234, on 1234 to 1235, and so on.

If a call comes in - it will ring on all phones at 3000 - when 3000 is busy it will ring on 1234, etc. Works fine for us... :-)

- Ken

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