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Pilot Points/Hunt Groups

We have a problem that we can't seem to resolve.

We have set up the AC attendent console user and associated phones to this user. (Using the Customer Directory Plugin integrated w/ our Active Directory.)

After that, we created several Attendent Console users and they are able to logon, dial, etc. using the Attendent Console.

We then created a Pilot Point with a DN of 1600 and associated one dn 1610 and a second dn of 1620 to the hunt group for the Pilot Point of 1600.

We then restarted the Telephony Dispatcher service. When we try to call the Pilot Point number, we dial through 160 and then get a busy signal.

From all the docs and help files, we believe we have every thing set up correctly concerning the AC user, attendent console users and pp and hgs... but need to know where to go next.

Thanks for the help.


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Re: Pilot Points/Hunt Groups

Hi Terry -

If you are running CM 3.2.2 you may be running into a bug (CSCdw23849). This bug surfaces when the TCD service fails over (that happens when you restart it).

To correct this, restart the TCD service on your backup CallManager (which forces the Pilot Point to work off your primary CM again). Then bug Cisco to see if there is a patch for this issue....


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Re: Pilot Points/Hunt Groups


Thanks for the reply... I forgot to post my info:

Callmanager is on 3.3(2).

We'll take a look at this bug info though.


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Re: Pilot Points/Hunt Groups

Hmm, i've heard this has been resolved in 3.3 and 3.2 ES150 so it may not be the issue. If restarting the TCD service on you backup CM doesn't fix it then I'm not sure what else to try (unless its a Calling Search space issue??)

Based on your original post it sounds as if everything is set up properly...

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Re: Pilot Points/Hunt Groups

you have to associate the hunt group pilot point with AC user. I see where you said you thought you had everything set up correctly with AC user (not sure if you meant the attendant console users or what) but if you don't specifically associate the hunt group pilot point with AC user, you will get the busy.

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