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PLAR and autoregistration ..

I am trying to setup a PLAR partition with my callmanager with autoregistration so I can:

Delete a whole range of phones and have them autoregister in the PLAR partition so when someone picks up the reciever it automatically dials a specific DN (reception or something) and from there they can activate their set, etc etc.

So far, I can get phones to autoregister in the PLAR partition, but when they go off hook they don't dial at all.. They just produce dialtone and can't dial any extension (internal or external).

Additionally, the translation pattern I placed in seems to wreak some havoc on my route plans... Any ideas on this one?

Thank you!


Re: PLAR and autoregistration ..

I believe your problem is with the calling search space.

For instance...

configuring an empty translation pattern.You must put the plar translation pattern in its own partition and configure the plar extensions' calling search space so that it looks in the plar partition to resolve its analysis request.

For example..

Partition : PLAR

Translation pattern :

Translation calling search space : CompanyABC (calling search space CompanyABC contains partition CompanyABC)

Called party transformation mask : 1234 (the receptionist...)

Extension 1234should belong to CompanyABC partition

Regarding the autoregistration.

In the callmanager configuration you can specify what the partition for autoregistration is , but you still need them to have appropriate css.In the device defaults specify a new device pool (or edit the default one to contain the css you have configured)

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