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Platform Config Disk

Are the platform config images posted on cisco's website? If so, where? If not, are they posted anywhere else? I

The 2500 congfig disk i have keeps failing out. It tries to write to "ghost.err" states it can't, bombs out, then exits ghost to a screen stating "Invalid partion"

after a reboot, it attempts to boot to MS-DOS & Hangs.

I was wondering if this image is available, or possibly a newer one, to the world.



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Re: Platform Config Disk

The images are not posted, but what you are experiencing does not sound like a problem with the media. The error message you saw probably happened because the imaging routine could not create and format an empty partition on the second RAID array of a five disk "spares" server that is meant to have two separate RAID arrays. Your message did not specify which version of PE2500 was relevant to your situation, but it sounds like a five disk version. There are two shipped versions and each has a slightly different mass storage configuration. The difference is simple to determine though. One shipping version has two physical disks configured to one RAID-1. The second shipping version has five physical disks, with two configured as a RAID-1 and the other three intended for a RAID-5. The five disk server also happens to be a dual processor machine with 1.0GB of SDRAM.

The following assumes that your server is a five disk server because that would make the most sense given the error you report.

The two RAID arrays of the five disk version of PowerEdge-2500, need to have the array reconfigured prior to attempting to impose an image to avoid the error. The data may still have been written to disk in your attempt, but you would have one large RAID-5 volume composed of dissimilar sized disks. This would not be recommended.

If the Dell server you are installing onto was a Cisco service spare, e.g., UNITY-SVR2500-2A= (denoted by an equal sign at end of Cisco part number) then the RAID array is set up ahead of time to RAID-5 by Dell, but that is not what the image expects. It would have left the Dell factory in a single RAID-5 configuration because that is Dell's std method for pre-shipment testing of spares servers with five disks. If it had been a Cisco "non-spare", it would be set up with the two arrays ahead of time.

You can enter the Dell NVRAM-based RAID setup utility during POST by pressing CTRL and A simultaneously, at the appropriate point. Using the embedded "Container Configuration Utility" utility, you can delete the single RAID-5, scrub the disks and then set up the two 18GB disks as a RAID-1 and the remaining three 36GB disks as a RAID-5. This will take some time to complete, particularly scrubbing, so please plan accordingly.

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Re: Platform Config Disk

2500 2-disk raid-1.

The problem was the platform config disk was not correctly adjusting the size of C: - for somereason, it could not even after i instructed it to do so, but selecting option 1, to set-up raid myself.

Problem was, Ghost was trying to unpack an 8gig image into a 4gig partition. I had to go into Dell's SCSI config and adjust the HDD Partition sizes manually, and then the image installed.

Here's a cute little quirk. when the 2500 image disk finished, it reported that the "restoration process had failed" So i rebooted, and WIN2k launched w/o a hitch.


Upon further inspection, the Platform Config Disk was scratched to hell - as this was used in our lab setup, and has been around the block a few times. Is it possible to request another from Cisco? If so, how?

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