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Playing Audio Files

I am currently streaming audio to phone handsets from a website by setting the content type header to audio/basic... this had been working fine for some time until I tried to access the service from a 7970 handset. When I try this it just sits at "Requesting..." forever. Is this a known problem, and is there a workaround?

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Re: Playing Audio Files

Sorry, I don't actually have an answer for you but I do have a question if that is ok?

I am creating an IVR using jtapi and CISCO IP phones and CTI points. The problem is getting the phone to "listen" for an sound file transmission. I am using AVtransmitt and receive and although both are executing and a CiscoMediaOpenLogicalChannelEv is occuring, I can't actually hear anything over the phone and then after a few seconds the phone goes to engaged tone- i.e dead noise -> tone. Do you know how to force the phone to listen. I am using inputing the relevant parameters i.e dest/source ipadd, port, file etc but no luck. I have got it to work over two separate computers listening to the sam port but nothing when I replace the second comp with the ip phone. Do you know what I am doing wrong?


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Re: Playing Audio Files

That is a known defect on the 7970/71/41/61 phones. It will be fixed in an upcoming 7.x firmware maint release, but I don't know the exact version or release date. The problem is that the firmware doesn't properly handle the audio/basic content-type. The only workaround is to use the PlayURI and transfer the audio file to the phone via TFTP rather than HTTP.

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Re: Playing Audio Files

Ok thanks for the input. Another question quickly, when dynamically assigning the RTP parameters for a Cisco media terminal, the



CTISetup.mterm.setRTPParams(crh, crp);


clause is throwing the exception: CCNException errorCode = -1932787708

Do you have any idea what this is or why it is happening? Due to this, CM is assigning its own receive channel and I can't synchronise the transmission.

Thanks again.

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Re: Playing Audio Files

I'm glad to hear that it has been acknowledged as a known issue and will be resolved. I first brought this up as a problem over a year ago. Unfortunately the workaround doesn't work for me as I am streaming from a public internet site.

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