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Please Help (Student): Accessing Media Steram

I'm working on an application that will take in a media stream (between > 2 phones), do some transformations to the stream (i.e. make voices seem louder or softer) and then send it on to the conference bridge in the gateway for the individual streams to be mixed and then unicast back out.

The test environment that I have access to is using G.711 without any compression. Can someone tell me how I could go about intercepting the stream? I can get Administrator access to the network, so if there are options I need to set, that's more than possible.

I've very new to this stuff, and my prof wants results soon!! yikes!

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Re: Please Help (Student): Accessing Media Steram

As I understood, you want to pass RTP streams through your application. For similar task I've used open source h.323 protocol stack (

My application accepts the incoming call, makes outgoing call and interconnect voice channels after outgoing call was answered. In such way it has the full control over RTP streams. You may even write your own conference bringe. But do not expect soon results.

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P.S. There are free implementations of SIP and MGCP protocol stacks too.

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