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please help with voice/data and 7206/cat6506 msfc design


I have a question as far as design goes. I have to replace equipment at several off site locations. I will be replacing a 3660 with a 7206 vxr and a catalyst 4000 with a 6506/msfc. My question is this. How should I set up the routing with the msfc and the 7206. Should I just have a static route on the msfc pointing to the fe0/0 of the 7206. From there configure all of the vlans as subinterfaces on the 7206? This network has both voice and data. I was thinking maybe to do the voice vlan on the 7206 and the data vlans on the msfc. Not sure about this. Thanks for the help.

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Re: please help with voice/data and 7206/cat6506 msfc design

I also found out from my friend that they have 2 7206's at the central office. The remote sites are connected to the central office via one t1 for voice and 1 t1 for data. I'm trying to help a buddy out with this I can get more info if needed. Thanks again....

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