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Port 1 hanging

CCM 3.01<br>Unity 2.46 Build 135 Exchange 5.5<br>TSP 3.0.2<br><br>I have a customer that has centralized CCM's and distributed Unity servers (Over WAN Link). They are currently having problems with Port 1 of Unity consistently locking up. According to TAC this is a known issue. <br><br>The customer would like to upgrade his Unity server to the latest 3.03 and TSP 3.03. My question is directly related to his initial problem. Will upgrading the server fix the problem. I'm not totally sure that this is a known issue, this is what the customer is getting as a response from TAC.<br><br><br>


Re: Port 1 hanging

There is no known issue for port 1 locking up that is magically fixed in 3.0.3. Port lockups can happen for many reasons. The culprit can lie in the TSP all the way over to Exchange. To ensure your chances of successfully resolving the port lock, the best thing to do is identify the cause and then take appropriate measures.

Upgrading to 3.0.3 may or may not fix the problem. However, it's not a bad idea to at least keep current with a manufacturer's latest release. They'll often contain numerous defect fixes from the previous version(s). I would not give the customer the impression that 3.0.3 is the silver bullet, especially if the cause of the port lock remains unknown.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
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Re: Port 1 hanging

Are there any known defects with Unity 3.03 and/or TSP 3.03 in regards to communication, etc with CCM over a WAN link. As I stated earlier they have a centralized CCM and distributed Unity servers. We will be upgrading one server to the latest and then roll out another Unity server at another remote office. Are there any known issues with Unity and trying to accomplish this. Are there any issues with Dial Domains and this configuration?

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