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port config lost after MGCP reset

Hi, all,

I have stucked into a werid situation when I implement one remote site using voice gateway 3745 with SRST enabled.

I create a couple of pots dial-peers for easy dialing to PSTN during SRST. For example:


dial-peer voice 9900911 pots

destination-pattern 911

port 1/0:23

forward-digits all


so it will not wait for inter-digit timeout to initiate the call, from the dialpeer with destination pattern 9T.

However, each time I reset mgcp, or restore from SRST to mgcp status, the port info get lost under the dial-peer. I have to re-add them back for it to be working next time. I understand that mgcp is taking over the control of all ports that is configured with mgcp service, but I still do not believe it is changing config under other dial peer. Above all, cisco has many config example this way.

Any comments are highly appreciated.


Re: port config lost after MGCP reset

Well, the voice tag on the dial-peer is in MGCP creation range but MGCP doesn't need a dial-peer for PRI port since it is backhauled. So the id on that dial-peer may be confusing the router/MGCP. Delete that and make it like dial-peer voice 100 pots or something.

Also, make sure there isn't an 'application mgcpapp' or 'service mgcpapp' command under the dial-peer pots peers with PRI port specified. Older cisco docs had this but later on there was a bug id as that caused problems and it to act up now and then since PRI is backhauled to CCM and not really controlled by router.

Also, what version IOS are you on?


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Re: port config lost after MGCP reset

I buy the voice tag trick and will go to test it later after hours.

I have dialpeer 9991023 created by mgcp before I configured SRST. So I followed the format. Only under that dialpeer, there is 'application mgcpapp' configured.

I am using version 12.2(13)T3. I would upgrade it to 12.3 anyways later.

Thanks a lot for your help. I would past the result after testing.

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