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Port Status

When watching port status in Status Monitor I see Unity ports go busy serverl times (4 or 5)when when lighting MWI. Is this normal. Why does Unity dial MWI for an extension this many times?<br><br>


Re: Port Status

There's a couple of things that will determine if MWI's will be attempted multiple times and using different ports. The first determination would be if there are MWI retries set on the SA switch page. If the retry setting is set at 1, there will be at least 2 attempts to light an MWI for a single new message. I say "at least" because there would be at least 1 normal request and 1 retry request sent. These attempts would have to be deemed "successful" in Unity's eyes. "Success" is determined in different manners depending upon the integration.

If the MWI request was not successful, it doesn't count against the normal and retry setting amount. So if for whatever reason MWI's are failing intermittently or consistently on a certain port, the actual MWI's sent out could rise. Make sense?

Another reason why MWI's being initiated multiple times or on multiple ports could be due to Multiple CCM cluster support. In this case, there would be an MWI request (plus any subsequent configured retries) happening on each connected CCM cluster. Unity doesn't know which cluster a subscriber belongs to, so it sends out MWI requests to all clusters.

What is the integration type that is being used? Are retries configured? Are there any warnings or errors in the event log? Are there any complaints from subscribers saying that MWI is not working properly?

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

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