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Ports gone Bye Bye

I updated my CM to 3.0.11, TSP to and Unity to 24.6.126. I was still having a problem with Unity transferring calls. After contacting Cisco TAC, they told be to un-install the TSP, use REGEDIT to remove the AVSKINNY keys and reinstall the TSP and reconfigure it. I did. Now Unity says I have NO ports. Obviously one of the AVSKINNY registries contained that info. How can I add my 24 ports back in? I am on hold now with Cisco TAC. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.<br><br>------------------------------<br>Michael Perbix<br>Lower Merion School District<br>Telecommunicatons Specialist


Re: Ports gone Bye Bye

The TSP setup program should enter in the number of TAPI ports into the registry. After reinstalling the newer TSP, did you configure the TSP? Does the SA ports page show that there are no ports? If that is the case, the MIU had problems opening up those skinny devices. Check the application event log for any MIU related errors.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems


Re: Ports gone Bye Bye

Yes, the MUI has an error.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: AvMiu_MC
Event Category: Error
Event ID: 520
Date: 8/6/2001
Time: 3:13:59 PM
User: N/A
Computer: LMSD-UNITY
Component Miu: Thread 0x00000AF0 had a Failure in Method CAvMiuTapiMonitor::NegotiateApiVersion()

DESCRIPTION: TAPI lineNegotiateApiVersion() failed with 0x80000043 (LINEERR_NODRIVER).
TAPI DeviceID: 5
Service Provider: .

help? I have re-installed Unity on top of itself, removed and re-installed the TSP, used the license sync program, then the generator tool hoping that something would trigger it to recreate the ports. the TSP test indicates proper communication with CM.....


Re: Ports gone Bye Bye

The error message indicates that Unity could not find the TSP during initialization. Are you positive that the TSP test passed ? You mentioned that you installed Unity on top of itself. I am assuming you meant that you re-ran setup. Also, which OS service pack do you have installed ?


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