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New Member

Ports with MeetingPlace Express

Hello There,

Am I right if I say the number of ports that we use on MPE only count towards outside parties and that we essentially had unlimited use for internal people. Let's say I schedule a meeting for 4 people, 2 from inside and 2 from outside, do I need to reserve 4 ports or just 2?


Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: Ports with MeetingPlace Express

Hi Bahman,

Ports are like licenses in MPE and they do not differenciate between internal/external participants. So in your example you would need to reserve 4 ports. Here is some additional info;

About Voice Ports

Also called an access port, a voice port is used to connect a meeting participant to one or both of the following meeting interfaces:

Voice meeting Attend a meeting over the phone.

Lite web meeting View participant names and their status in a web interface.

About the Required Voice-Conferencing Licenses

The number of voice ports on a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express system is equal to the number of installed voice-conferencing licenses, up to 120 voice ports.

The number of voice ports is also the maximum possible number of the following connections:

Simultaneous voice meeting connections to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express.

Simultaneous web connections to lite web meeting rooms.

From this doc;

You can always configure users that have the ability to set up Zero-Port Voice Meetings but then you have no way of knowing if there will be sufficient voice ports available for their use.

About Zero-Port Voice Meetings

The following special characteristics apply to zero-port voice meetings:

No ports are reserved when zero-port voice meetings are scheduled. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of zero-port voice meetings that can be scheduled on Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express at any time.

Users may join a zero-port voice meeting only if voice ports or voice floater ports are available at that time.

When a user joins a zero-port voice meeting, that user utilizes one voice port. Therefore, the number of meeting participants who can attend zero-port voice meetings at the same time is limited by the number of voice licenses that are installed and available on the system.

Users who can schedule zero-port voice meetings are always restricted from the following:

Scheduling full web meetings.

Reserving voice ports for scheduled meetings.

Hope this helps!


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New Member

Re: Ports with MeetingPlace Express

Thanks Rob for this great Explaination.

In the licensing summary I see maxvoice 40 and voiceconf 20. What is the difference between the maxvoice and voiceconf?


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Re: Ports with MeetingPlace Express

Hi Bahman,

You are very welcome! The maxvoice 40 stands for the maximum number of voice conf ports that **could** be installed on the system and the voiceconf 20 is the **actual** amount on voice conf licenses installed. Have a look;

Voice Conferencing Licenses

Limit the number of concurrent calls and telephony audio ports, as well as the number of concurrent users of the lite meeting room, to the number of voice conferencing licenses that you have purchased. This is enforced by the VUI; callers in excess of the licensed number get a busy signal and cannot join the meeting.

Voice conferencing licenses work in conjunction with the maxvoice license, which denotes the maximum number of voice conferencing licenses that can be used on this particular system, due to system restraints. If the voice conferencing license count exceeds the value of the maxvoice license, the system uses the value of the maxvoice license instead.

From this good licensing info;

Hope this helps!


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