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Possible alternate permission for Lotus Notes integration?

I have a customer that is concerned about the need for the Unity user account to be a member of unityservers group and for that group to have Editor access to Admin4.nsf and Names.nsf (including delete permissions on names.nsf). Is there any workaround for this? For example, could a lower permission prevail if I perform some initial steps?

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Re: Possible alternate permission for Lotus Notes integration?

Here is the answer from the development team that designed this integration -

Unity needs editor access on Admin4.nsf because it needs to sign the "enabling" requests that it submits. The DUCS Admin process won't execute the request unless it is signed. Please note that the delete flag is not required here.

For Names.nsf Unity needs to add additional properties on the Person, group or Unity location documents. Unity needs editor access for that. The only Notes documents that Unity deletes are the Unity Location documents. If Unity doesn't have delete rights on names.nsf everything will work fine accept the Unity administrator won't be able to delete unity-locations from the SA.

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