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possible solutions for IP PHONE LAB

I've a cisco 2610 with:

a VIC-2E/M


a WIC-1B-S/T

a WIC-1T wich I utilize for hdsl wan connection

I'also have a Cisco Media Convergence Server 7825-1133 (MCS-7825-1133), two cisco ip phone and a switch.

I'ld like to implement a lab environment internal to my lan and possible upgrade to my production network.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

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Re: possible solutions for IP PHONE LAB

Hello, it will be a very long message to include all the steps and details you need. I will try to provide a few highlights to get your started:

First of all, I hope you also has a NM-2V on your equipment list because that is needed to hold the 2 VIC cards and contains the DSP HW to terminate you VOIP calls onto the PSTN.

Your lab will look similar to this:

Analog Phone




IP phone------Switch-------------------------2610---e&m VIC------PBX/PSTN

| |

MCS7825 (Call Manager) |----WIC-1T----WAN-----IP WAN

Setup steps:

1. Install W2K Server OS and Call Manager application on the MCS 7825, see this link for more details:


** You will be asked to name the MCS machine during the OS install, be sure you name it accordingly if you plan to later put it on the production network, because this netbios name cannot be changed without a complete re-installtion.

2. Configure your Call Manager to allow the IP phones to register, receive Directory Numbers, and call each other.

3. Configure H323 gateway, and Route Pattern on the Call Manager, and then dial-peers on the 2610, so that you can place calls to the analog phone or to the PSTN.

Again, this are really simplified steps, but hopefully will get you started. You can find lots of answers to any questions along the way on this link:


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Re: possible solutions for IP PHONE LAB

Well, I knew the topology will look funny when it come out.

Anyway, just move things to the right so the VIC and the WIC attach to the 2610 and the MCS connects to the swtich. :)


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Re: possible solutions for IP PHONE LAB

Hi Ben,

thanks for your answer.

I'd like to start with a simple topology.

Can you provide me with a sample configuration for my lan's gateway router, so the laptops can communicate internally with netmeeting?

Many thanks.


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