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New Member

Possible to initiate an outbound call from our website?


I have been asked if we can do this by management, and I haven't really found anything in documentation or online to suggest if this can or cannot be done.

What they want is for a customer anywhere out there in the world to be able to click a "Have us call you" link on our website, be prompted for their phone number, and have our phone system initiate a call to them that dumps them into a local hunt group of customer service associates.

The web development team can handle the website portion and create whatever input the Callmanager needs, but is that solution even possible?

We are running Callmanager Business Edition 6.1 if that is applicable.




Re: Possible to initiate an outbound call from our website?

Sure you can.. however, the way outbound dialing is usually done is that agents get the number in their agent console and make the call directly - so that when the call goes out, your end is already active and somebody is there to greet the customer.

IIRC IPCC Express supports outbound so using a web trigger you could build something like that.

There's an outbound strategy called predictive dialing.. you take a set of numbers and your call center software dials out automatically, and only routes the call to an agent if the call is answered, and by a human being (there's voice activity detection which certainly gets you the faxes - but I'm not sure about voicemail) - but that requires that you have agents ready to take the call as you can really piss off your customers that way (you answer a call and then you have to wait until an agent is ready).

You can build that approach on the cheap and without VAD using the standard CTI interfaces Callmanager offers.

E.g. you configure a bunch of CTI ports, have JTAPI (or TAPI.. ) monitor it, then after the customer enters his/her number you have the CTI port call that number, then you initiate another call to the huntgroup, and you connect the two (I'm not a 100% confident to say that you can do this in every call state.. if memory serves right there are some limitations that I unfortunately don't recall at this point). I know for a certainty that it works if both calls are connected though - so the principle is sound. I also know that you can conference calls when they're still dialing - so if transfering one call into the other wouldn't work, you'd always have the ability to merge the calls into a conference, then simply drop out the CTI port so that in the end you have a two party call again (and the CTI port is free to make the next outbound call).

New Member

Re: Possible to initiate an outbound call from our website?

Hi Chris,

Yes, you can develop such solution using mixture of web and CTI applications, you can build such very cheaper solution by doing in house development, please let me know if you need the sample source code.

In fact, you can develop an application that keeps monitoring the current state of all the devices configured with call manager, and as soon as receives request to dial out a number via web-link, it should retrieve the first available device and place an the call.

Predictive Dialers, are useful but expensive and should be used in the case when you already know set of dialable numbers, but in your case of having a link on the website as "Have us call you", the number would be entered dynamically.

Please drop me an email when you need sample application with source code.

Please note that all the sample applications and source code I provide here in the forums should be used for reference only and should not be assumed finalised products.

Thanks & Regards,

M. Mudassir Saeed