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Post CCM 5.1 Upgrade Issues

We recently up upgraded from CCM4.1.3 to CCM The upgrade went well for the most part but we have (are) facing a few issues.

MGCP ISDN PRI gateways in two offices fail when redirected to voicemail (unity). One office it was any redirected call to voicemail. This was resolved with a compination of things. The immediate workaround was to disable IE delivery completely. Telco fixed the other side by moving our span to a different isdn controller. We were able to activate the IE delivery again but had to leave the redirected IE off.

The other office is still affected by a very similar symptoms but only to one number that is a translation patter. All other numbers role to vm fine.

The other issue is with speaker phone voice quality. If the volume is to high it sounds very tinny.

My question. Are others seeing these types of issues? TAC has not been much help on the T1 side.

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Re: Post CCM 5.1 Upgrade Issues

A TAC engineer finally explained what changed from CCM 4.1(3) to 5.1.

Here is his reply

Progress Indicators are used for informational feedback. In this case this parameter determines whether the alerting progress indicator to Inband Information is reported to digital PRI gateways.

The setting change did not affect any other offices because Telco is not sending us the:

RX <- STATUS message with the * Cause i = 0x82E31E - Information element not implemente*.

Now with this setting change, since Disable Alerting Progress Indicator = False, we ignore the message and do not release with a * Cause i = 0x82E5 - Message not compatible with call state*.

Before in CM 4 by default CM ignored the *Information element not implemented*. Now in CM 5 we need to disable the Progress Indicator so CCM does not send *Progress Ind i = 0x8088 - In-band info or appropriate now available*, this way the Telco will never send the *Information element not implemented*, and we will not disconnect.

So the change is in the way CCM acts when facing the *Information element not implemented* message and the call is not connected yet.

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