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POST XML to 7960 failed

I've been trying to test the CiscoIPPhoneExecute component. I installed the SDK and the CM-Sim.

The HTTP Get method works, that is, after pressing the 'services' button, the phone get the <CiscoIpPhoneExecute> Key:Speaker URI and execute it (though I don't know why other keys failed, eg. KeyPad0~9).

But the HTTP POST failed. I config the authentication url to my own hack asp page that always sends 'AUTHORIZED'. So I think authentication is not a problem. I always get a '404 Not Found' response from the phone. The HTTP msg I send is:

POST http://<phoneIP>/CGI/Execute

Authorization: Basic text2base64(userID + ":" + password)

Connection: close

Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

XML=<CiscoIPPhoneExecute><ExecuteItem Priority="0" URL="Dial:1000"/></CiscoIPPhoneExecute>

And from snifer, I see the 404 response from the phone is



<H1>object Not Found</H1>

The requested URL '/CGI/Execute' was not found on the Rompager server.<P>


I don't know why the '/CGI/Execute' was not found on the phone? Am I missing something?



Re: POST XML to 7960 failed

Do you get the same result if you take the content below and put it into a html file, then do the whole thing via browser (it must not be IE.. IE7 somehow broke this simple page)" Method="POST">

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Re: POST XML to 7960 failed

Thanks for your help. The HTML you give works. And I also get my XML working. The problem is due to the incorrect URL encoding function I used in HTTP request body.

But I have another question with the Dial:xxxx URI in the CiscoIPPhoneExecute component. When I send

I always see the "AutoDial Cancelled" message on the LCD. Does anybody have any idea about this? How do I make phone A call phone B with XML?


New Member

Re: POST XML to 7960 failed

Just ask again because I'm working to solve this but I cannot find any clue elsewhere. Does anybody have any idea what's this "AutoDial Cancenlled" mean and how to make Dial URI work?


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Re: POST XML to 7960 failed

Maybe you could find some useful information on the console logs of the IP Phone. Check them out here :




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