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Pots calls cut-off after 1st call is established

Having a strange problem on a new site turn-up. Have a 265x XM at a remote site connected to CCM. 2600 has 4 pots lines for inbound/outbound calls. Once more than one pots line is connected (no difference if call was inbound or outbound) the 2nd,3rd & 4th calls get disconnected after about 30-45 secs. The disconnects are random and are not specific to one port or caller (2nd caller disconnected first, then 3rd, etc). All ports have experienced this. Also, it's the first call that stays up - any call after that get disconnected. Station to station calls are fine, either locally or across the wan. It's only on the pots lines. Any thoughts? Router is 2650 XM w. 96/32 memory running IP Voice 12.3(14)T7 code.


Re: Pots calls cut-off after 1st call is established

Hi, what bandwidth do you have between the two sites?, what codec at you using for the calls?, do you have configured "locations"?, I'm asking these questions because the problems you're telling appears to be originated by a lack of bandwidth.

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Re: Pots calls cut-off after 1st call is established

Between the sites is a full T1 - QoS is set to reserve 512 for voice. Yes, locations are set and using g729. No, it's not a bandwidth problem, your misunderstanding the problem. The calls getting disconnected are going across the LAN - not the WAN. After call setup, the only devices in the picture is the IP Phone, the Switch and the Router. These are incoming calls at a remote site router calling a IP Phone that is at that remote site.

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