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Pre & Post paid cards using SC2200


I trying to find out if the SC2200 can run some Calling card issues like pre and post paid.. I saw in some Cisco document that this is possible using a RADIUS server and an AS5300... Also I saw that the SC200 has a RADISU and TACACS+ server inside... whit this RADIUS and an external AS5300 can I do Calling cards?

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Re: Pre & Post paid cards using SC2200

I don’t see any problems with using radius server in the 2200, but I’d suggest testing it in a lab environment first. Have you talked to anyone from the Cisco Sales team about it yet?

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Re: Pre & Post paid cards using SC2200

These boxes support Radius indeed, but there's no such thing as having the Radius server 'inside'.

You can configure the router for a Radius serverwhich would have to reside somewhere in the LAN. Whether that would be an ACS by Cisco or any other vendor's Radius server it doesn't matter.

For your purpose you need a Radius not a Tacacs server. Pre-paid calling requires AAA control. All billing packages as well require a Radius server.

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Re: Pre & Post paid cards using SC2200

I am not sure about the SC2200 but both Post-Paid and Prepaid and other Applications are available to be run on Cisco IOS Voice Gateways.







These range in density from a couple of analog ports to around 8T1

The applications are implemented using Tcl IVR which is an open API for writing voice applciations on the IOS voice gateways and hence can be custoomized as needed.

Billing is done using the RADIUS interface to authorize and authenticate calls and to generate Call Data Records(CDRs)

Standard Pre-PAid and PostPaid billing software based on the RADIUS protocol is available from Billing partners.

Supports audio prompting and basic TTS in multiple languages.

A few reference links:

Hope this helps.


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