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PreDial number not working for 6 digit numbers

We are running CCM 3.3.3sr3, fast dials/personal directory don't appear to append the PreDial number '9' when we enter local numbers (6 digit), if we add entries with 7 digits or more then the '9' is prefixed to the number stored, any ideas?


Re: PreDial number not working for 6 digit numbers

This is by design: the predial is not appended for numbers shorter than 7 digits.

The 7 digit limit is defined in an include file on the CallManager, which is used by the Personal Directory web page. You can change that by modifying one line in the include file:

The xmlPDDefines.asp file in the C:\CiscoWebs\IPPhoneServices\PersonalDirectory folder on your CallManager defines this value. Find the entry that looks like the following:

var nOutSideLen = 7 //characters

...and change it to 6, and the script should now prepend the Predial for 6-digit numbers...

I'm not sure if that is changable elsewhere, but there's one place to do it. Note that this change may be lost after a CallManager upgrade if this file is replaced with a newer version...

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Re: PreDial number not working for 6 digit numbers

Thanks for that, just amended the file and all is now working okay.

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Re: PreDial number not working for 6 digit numbers

Workaround (I accept no responsibility if you break your Callmanager………….)

You need to change the variable string in the XML application page.

Open the following xml file using notepad (ensure you make a copy of the original xml file before making any changes)


Find the following entry

var nOutSideLen = 7 //characters

Change this to:

var nOutSideLen = 6 //characters

Bingo, predial for local 6 digit numbers should now work


Andy Poore

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