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New Member

Prefix 9 on Caller-ID?

How do I get a "9" in front of numbers that come in through caller-id? --So I can call back using directories--missed calls?

Cisco Employee

Re: Prefix 9 on Caller-ID?

If it is coming in pots (on a voice-port) you can use number expansion.

The command is num-exp

If I want to take all 7 digit numbers that come in and add a 9-

num-exp ....... 9.......

If it comes in IP and you want to send it out POTS just add "prefix 9" to the dial-peer.

New Member

Re: Prefix 9 on Caller-ID?

I put "num-exp ....... 9......." in the VG-200 config and it screwed up outbound dialing--kept getting "you must dial a 1" telco message. It did not fix the directory entries, either.

Cisco Employee

Re: Prefix 9 on Caller-ID?

From your description I am not sure what you are trying to do. I took a shot in the dark. You can send me an email with a better description and I will try and help.

New Member

Re: Prefix 9 on Caller-ID?

You can use the EditDial+9+Dial or EditDial+91+Dial for long distance calls directly from the directories menu. Of course it would be much cooler to have the system add this info to the caller-id, but I'm not sure how it can be done.

New Member

Re: Prefix 9 on Caller-ID?

we are useing a de30+ gateway and I have created a css with a translation pattern associated with the css then i apllied the css to the gateway this works for us on missed calls from the pstn

Therfor edit dial not required.

New Member

Re: Prefix 9 on Caller-ID?

What does your translation pattern look like? What are the calling/called party transformations?

New Member

Re: Prefix 9 on Caller-ID?

This is the tac notes for the setup in Australia for autodial without edit dial to prefix digits

If nine digits are the calling party number for inbound calls, 9 is the external access code, and 0 also needs to be prepended to allow for calls from mobiles or interstate:





Calling search spaces (CSS):

Stations contains partition Stations

Outbound contains partitions Stations and Gateways

InboundTranslations contains partition InboundTranslations


Stations/1000 with CSS Outbound

Stations/2000 with CSS Outbound

Translation Patterns:


calling party mask 90XXXXXXXXX

CSS Stations

Route patterns:

Gateways/9.! associated with gateway A


Gateway A with CSS InboundTranslations

This will change the calling party number that is presented to the station for inbound calls (but not station-to-station calls) and will cause the Missed Calls dial to work without EditDial.

The PSTN in Australia doesn't care if you're actually dialing an STD code for the area you're already in, it adjusts accordingly and certainly doesn't charge any extra. In the USA however they can't ever dial the areacode for a local phone number unless they're in an area that has two areacodes and then they MUST dial it, but without the areacode prefix of 1... personally I like the dial plan in Australia better. :-)

New Member

Re: Prefix 9 on Caller-ID?

Wow. Do you have this setup in a Distributed or Centralized Call Processing network? The one in my case is Distributed, and I fear that these additional CSS and partitions will wreak havoc with my existing CSS/partition dial-plan configuration. There needs to be some easier way to do this, like "prefix 9 to caller-id" on the gateway.

Looks like in my case, I'll need a Stations CSS for EVERY site. I have 4 remotes + HQ, so thats 5 Stations CSS, 5 Inbound, and 5 Outbound. That's insanity for me to add 15 more CSS to my configuration.

Great solution for a Distributed Call Processing Architecture, though.