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prepend 91 to incoming calls in call history


we have a problem, everytime we receive a phone call from PSTN, we have to write down the number on a peice of paper and then dial 91 and the number, is there a way that call manager could automatically append a 91 without actually changing the dialed digits.



Re: prepend 91 to incoming calls in call history

You can add a translation pattern for that gateway to match on all inbound calls and change external mask to prepend a 91. The only problem with this, is the phones have to be in a partition. IE: The gateway has to hit the translation pattern and can only have that partition in its CSS. There was another forum post on this with the details. If you want the details on this let me know.

If the gateway is H323 (not MGCP), you can set up a translation-rule on the router/gateway itself and not do anything with call manager. I don't think this can be done with MGCP since MGCP configs are in call manager. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

translation-rule 2

rule 0 ^11. 91

rule 1 ^1. 91

rule 2 . 91

On voip dial-peer going to call manager

translate-outgoing calling 2

The above just changes the calling party #. The ^1 and ^11 rules protect against the calling party from having 911 at beginning. You can test the translation-rule on router before putting it on dial-peer by doing 'test translation-rule 2 5554441234' where 5554441234 is a phone number.

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Re: prepend 91 to incoming calls in call history

be careful doing this as it adds the 2 digits to the number as it passes through thte gateway. We were doing this but when we passed the call into VM 12 digits were passed and the VM system could only handle 10 so we had to remove it.

Just a heads up.

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