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Presence for CUCM

Cisco Unified Communications Manager has built in presence functionality for IP Telephony.

Is there any way to pull presence information off of CUCM to integrate into a Web App - or to aggregate in a presence server elsewhere?

Does Cisco Unified Application Sever API's pull presence from CUCM, CUPS, or both? Can it update presence information as well?

Is Cisco Unified Presence REQUIRED to do this? Or is there some interface that would allow this without having to install CUPS?

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Re: Presence for CUCM

You may want to post in the "ask the expert" forum for presence.  Michael Luo is hosting it and is "inhouse" expert here

But basically, if you can figure out how the IP phone pulls presence information from CUCM to the screen of the phone, you should be able to do the same for your web app.

Basically, there is a IP Phone Service for CUCM and the Cisco IP phone when you browse the Corp Directory, it will show if the person is on/off hook.  I have not used it personally, but it does populate.

CUPS uses a SIP PUBLISH trunk from CUCM.  Whenever a phone status changes,  it publishes the information to the SIP trunk.  The receiving end (CUPS) will then digest the information and push it out the CUPC clients.

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Re: Presence for CUCM

Excellent - thanks!

I will post in the 'ask the expert' forum as you suggest.

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