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Pressing Message button on phone causes some of the greeting to be lost

We recently upgraded our Phones to 7960 Firmware 6.02 and we are running into a problem where people press the messages button on their phones and they only hear "ease enter your password" rather then the "please enter your password" phrase. The first 1 or 2 seconds is getting cut off by the time the phone can turn on the speaker or earpiece in the handset. I notice on the 7970 there is a single ring before Unity answers the call, is this built into the firmware or is this setable so that there can be one ring before Unity picks up for any 7960 phone as well. It sounds like a caveat/bug in the new firmware, but I thought I would ask before I file a bug on this. It's not really a huge deal to me, but we have some users that are really picky.


Re: Pressing Message button on phone causes some of the greeting

Hi -

The "Forward no answer timeout" is a global setting configured in CallManager for the number of times an IP phone rings before forwarding to voicemail. The default is 12 seconds ... if a typical ring cycle is 4 seconds, then the phone rings approximately 3 times before going to Unity. We have ours set at 20 seconds - CCM 3.3(3) SR4. We find the number of rings depends upon the file selected by the user for default ring (i.e. some files are longer). To set it in CallManager, go to Service > Service Parameters. Select Cisco CallManager from the list and then choose the Cisco CallManager service from the list on the left - "Forward no answer timeout".

Regarding the 7960 firmware, have you tried returning a single test phone back to the prior firmware load to see if the problem goes away? We only have one 7970 in test mode and there are some definite problems with the current phone load - here's the latest release notes and caveats


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Re: Pressing Message button on phone causes some of the greeting

I too upgraded to 6.02 and experienced the exact problem last week. I am running CallManager 3.3.3 SR4 and have now loaded the cmterm-7940-7960-sccp.5-0-4.exe Version 5.04 load for the 7960/7940s and the problem was fixed.

Hope this helps.

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