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PRI caller id facility code

I have five sites that have PRI. Two of the five sites present the calling name in addition to the calling number over the D channel on incoming calls. The other three sites do not. I opened a repair ticket with the telco to inquire about the "# only" sites but they say that the CO switch is configured to send both name and # and that I need to address this within my system/vendor etc. I am running CCM 4.1(3)sr2 and have mostly H.323 gateways. I know that I cannot get the callerID text to display on the phones until I convert to MGCP but I at this point I just want to see the facility code that carries this data on the d channel. Once I have that on all sites I will endeavor to get the text all the way to the phone. My question is this: Is there ANY merit to what the telco is asserting? Is there anything at all that I can do to affect whether or not that facility code comes in on the D channel of an incoming call? I think it's a smokescreen but would like some insight before escalating the matter. TIA.


Re: PRI caller id facility code

The Telco provider probably isnt blowing smoke up you A$% on this one. CCM has had an issue for awhile with H.323 and caller name display that is sent in the Facility IE. Some carrier switches can have this set on a per-port basis and some are global settings only. Going to MGCP on your gateway will probably resolve this issue.

You can verify if the telco is sending facility versus display.

Debug q931 and if I recall the facility will be labeled with equaling a long hex number and I believe Display will be clear text.

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Re: PRI caller id facility code


I understand what you are saying as previous posts have revealed the facility code vs. display IE thing and how H323 won't carry the data etc. What I am dealing with at this point is the fact that in the debug isdn q931 of one H323 gateway, I see the facility code data come in with incoming calls and I can see the calling name info. Then on another equally configured h323 router I don't. I am just addressing the raw data as it comes in on the D channel at this point. Using MGCP to carry it into CCM to display it on the phones is academic right now. So my question is this and only this: If I don't see the names in the debug isdn q931 output, how is it possible that I can do anything in the configuration that would make it appear in the D channel debug?

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