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New Member

PRI Down Telco Blames Cisco, Cisco Says Telco???

The Main PRI trunk for my building went down the 23rd late in the night... The T1 itself is up... However I am getting Path Code Violations. And ISDN layer 2 will not come up… A Debug q921 shows I’m transmitting SAMBp but not receiving…

According to the Telco (Qwest) there was a cable cut in the field, but it has been patch. They send a tech out to our building and he put his tester on the line and said sorry it was running fine. I even had him put the tester up next to my router and he claims he is fine all the way to the CO. I got ahold of the Qwest ISDN people and they claim when I put my router on the line they start seeing massive CRC errors. When I put a hard loopback on the line right off the same cable my router plugs into the errors go away on the Qwest side. So Qwest is saying its my Cisco router (VG200).

Now on the Cisco side if I put a hard loopback down by the Qwest DMARC all errors go away. This is connecting into a dual T1 card. The second T1 line on the card works fine. For grins I swapped cables with the two down to the DMARC, same results. I switch ports with the two… same results; the errors follow the Qwest PRI to the other port! We (with TAC) put a hard loop on the line, gave it an IP and pinged all day long with NO errors!!! TAC is saying it’s a Telco issue. I convinced TAC to ship me another Dual T1 card for the box. I should get it today. If this doesn’t work what else can I tell Qwest? I going to pull the VG200 from the rack and take it down to the DMARC to test there…

Is it possible that the HDLC card in the DMARC has gone bad? The Qwest tech said it was fine, should I force them to change it? Can I demand that they bring my T1 into my facility on another pair?

The site has been down for three days now, no calls in or no 911. I can route everything outbound across that other PRI a long distance trunk, but I don’t believe the long distance carrier will do anything with a 911 call…

The only saving grace is that this is over the holidays and no one is around

New Member

Re: PRI Down Telco Blames Cisco, Cisco Says Telco???

I wish I could be of more help than this but here is what I can offer.

I think from what you said you have a good argument for Qwest being the problem. When I get to this point I call my regional Service Manager that expedites these issues within Qwest for me. Mine is not in today but his message says to page him if needed. You should have one of these assigned in your area too. A PRI is made up of several elements on the Qwest side so if a cut occurred it could be some "group" other than the T1 people need to fix their part. You should ask for the trouble ticket suppervisor and review your situation with them and they hopefully with get the right groups tech to fix the problem. One time during initial setup and test of a PRI I left no connection to the circuit. I had to call the Qwest tester to get the T1 and PRI portions turned back on again. Qwest isn't as bad as some would lead you to believe - if you know who to call things can be fixed quickly - it has been my experience over the last 10 years or so with Qwest.

Good luck!

New Member

Re: PRI Down Telco Blames Cisco, Cisco Says Telco???

In the end it ended up being a bad card in the CO Switch. It took two qwest techs to finally spot the problem... The techs were testing from this card towards me and then back towards the switch and things were fine... It was the card itself that was bad...

I do agree the Qwest techs in the field are great it is dificult some time to have to deal with three or four diferent test centers and tickets to get aproblem solved...

New Member

Re: PRI Down Telco Blames Cisco, Cisco Says Telco???

That's great they got it fixed - finally! Good thing it was on an off couple of days do to the holidays.

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