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PRI resets with WS-X6608-T1/E1

I have WS-X6608-T1/E1 with two connections, one to a PBX and the second to my local CO. One or more times a day the PRI to our PBX does a reset which causes several of my IP phones to get a fast busy until after the blade is reinitialized. I upgraded the Call Manager last week. Has anyone else seen this with a WS-X6608-T1/E1?

Cisco Employee

Re: PRI resets with WS-X6608-T1/E1

What kind of PBX are we connecting to? If you are using the DMS100 protocol type then you could possibly be running into CSCdu39751 which involves the PBX sending us a restart message, and our response to this not being explicitly correct. If in fact this is the problem, it will be fixed in CallManager 3.0(12) and is also fixed in all 3.1 versions.

New Member

Re: PRI resets with WS-X6608-T1/E1

The PBX is a NEC 2400 and the PRI protocol is NI2. Prior to using the 6608 for this we were using a 3660 with the HDV/MFT module for several months. The reset would occur then also. The PRI card in the PBX was suspect and was replaced 2 days ago. The PBX is configured as user side and the 6608 as network. I supply master clock to the PBX PRI link from span2 which is another PRI to the local PSTN. We have tried various clock source configurations with the same result. CM software is current and there does seem to be a relationship between call volume and the reset condition. The reset has remained through CM versions 3.0(8), 3.1(1), and now with 3.1(2c).I have multiple sites with centralized management but each site has their own local access. Toll bypass and fallback are configured in the route plan. ALL phones at ALL sites are affected by this reset on the 6608.

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