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PRI Status on 6608 Blade

I have two PRI in port 4/1 and 4/2; however port 4/2 has the following status.

Can anyone tell me what could be wrong ?

tok-mi1> (enable) sh port voi

Port Status Vlan Duplex Speed Type

----- ----------- ------ ------ ----- ------------

4/1 connected 104 full 1.544 T1

4/2 enabled 104 full - unknown

4/3 enabled 104 full - Conf Bridge

Port DHCP MAC-Address IP-Address Subnet-Mask

-------- ------- ----------------- ---------------

4/1 enable 00-02-fc-26-69-64

4/2 enable 00-02-fc-26-69-65 (Port host processor not online)

Port CallManagerState DSP-Type

-------- ---------------- --------

4/1 registered C549

4/2 (Port host processor not online)



Re: PRI Status on 6608 Blade

Do you have the PRI in 4/2 in a Route Group assigned to a Route Patter?

Community Member

Re: PRI Status on 6608 Blade

Hi -

sounds to me as if port 4/2 is not connected properly. Double check your wiring. If you want to verify the port functions you can build a loopback plug for the port. Just use an RJ45 connector and connect pin 1 to 4 and 2 to 5 and then plug it into port 4/2.

That should make port 4/2 come up provided it has been enabled on the 6509 and it is configured in CM. That way you could narrow it down to something with your premise wiring for the T1.

Also, you are not trying to NFAS, correct (its not supported on 6509)?


Community Member

Re: PRI Status on 6608 Blade

After Re-seating the Blade Problem fixed.


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