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PRI useage order in a 5300

>Is there a way to assign an order to the use of the PRIs in a 5300?

>I would like inbound calls to start at say the lowest port,

>and outbound calls start at the highest port....

>this 5300 is used primarily for PSTN termination of voip calls,

>but the 1st PRI has some inbound numbers pointed at it.....

and more....

I wasn't clear... I have 4 PRIs in the 5300....

I would like to have outbound calling start on port 68 (3 PRIs each with 23 b-channs),

and incoming start on port 0.

This is builtin to another mfg's gateway...

and makes using a gateway for both inbound and outbound a lot more manageable.

I know about ascending/descending as it appies to a single PRI, does it apply to the to the collection of ports from all PRIs on the 5300?

I can have my telco lines re-provisioned, but right now each PRI is a seperate trunkgroup,

and each is set ascending I think.



Cisco Employee

Re: PRI useage order in a 5300

We can't control in what order the incoming calls will come in, but assuming you leave the PRI circuits plugged in the way they are now, where port 0 is first, then 1, 2, 3, then the incoming order should already be working as you described. Usually the PSTN side will start at the lowest channel and work their way up.

For the outbound calls, I believe the router (when in USER mode on the PRI) will start at the highest channel and work its way down... on each PRI. If you want the outbound calls to start on PRI 3, then 2, 1, 0, then configure the POTS dial-peers for outbound calls to the PSTN to be in that order.

If you need to change the ascending/descending order used by the router for bearer channel selection on outbound calls, you can use the isdn bchan-number-order command on the ISDN interface -- e.g. Serial0:23

Community Member

Re: PRI useage order in a 5300

I would like to know how to configure the pots dial-peers to contemplate more than one PRI.

Somewhere in the configuration of the dial-peers, we use "port 0:D" for the AS5300 to deliver the call to the first PRI. If we have more than one PRI, how can I "tell" the dial-peer to use the other PRI (like port 1:D) also?



Cisco Employee

Re: PRI useage order in a 5300

The most common way to do this has been to configure multiple dial-peers with the same destination pattern. A quick example of this:

dial-peer voice 1 pots

 destination-pattern 9

 port 0:D


dial-peer voice 2 pots

 destination-pattern 9

 port 1:D

However in 12.1(3)T releases and later, there is the capability to define a trunk group, but as far as I know this is typically used when the router is acting as the ISDN network side as opposed to the user side, and is used with the cor feature as well. The first method I mentioned should work fine for you; if you want more info on the other features you can check out:

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