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printing from call manager

I like to print the help screens and also print the screen displays while in Call Manager. The network engineer did not recommend this. We tried it anyway - we added a driver and defined a printer but sometimes it would cause the IExplorer to spike the CPU up to 100 percent. Any suggestions on how to print?


Re: printing from call manager

Part of our security preparations were not allowing direct access to the servers.

We installed a 'telephony' console which users terminal service into and access everything they need through there.

One catch, the console has to be part of the Unity domain in order to work properly.

On the console you can add anything you want to make things work, printer drivers included.

Re: printing from call manager

Not sure why you need to be on the server it self to do screen captures. Everything is doen through the Web interface.

From your desktop, load a program that captures screen shots. I use "screenhunter" I can press F6, crop the picture and save it and one click to a designated folder. I have created a couple docs for my clients this way, not having to be on the server at all.

Remember, the console at the server for CCM, you should hardly ever have to log into for day to day administration. Everything is done through IE at your own computer.

Loading other software, print drivers, etc onto CCM is probably not supported by TAC anyways.

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Re: printing from call manager

Thanks for your response. My network guys tell me that my problem is IE7 - sorry.

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