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Private Dist list not working

I have a subscriber mail box that doesn't really have a person associated with it. The person responsible for checking this mail box is in a private dist list for this subscriber mail box, but no Voice mails get delivered to them for this mail box. Am I misunderstanding how to use the PDL, or is this a problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: Private Dist list not working

Private distribution lists are used for addressing messages to groups of users - So subscribers can sign in and address messages to one of their private groups to send the message to a number of folks quickly and easily.

It does not mean that messages to the subscriber that owns the mailbox will be distributed to all their private lists...

I'm a little unclear on what it is you're trying to do and why - you can create an internet subscriber that can forward messages to another SMTP addresses - if you're just trying to get messages to a particular call handler or the like to bounce over to a mailbox off system or something that's the way to go about it.

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Re: Private Dist list not working

ah, so I am misunderstanding. What I"m looking to do is this:

-I have a mail box for reporting bad drivers

-That mailbox does not belong to any one person, but at this particular time, it is assigned to, let's call him "Joe".

-I want him to be able to get his regular voice mails AND the bad driver voice mails in his inbox automatically.

Can I do this? If so, how, and is there a way to do it cleanly (i.e. no messages being stored in message stores that won't be checked)?



Cisco Employee

Re: Private Dist list not working

Sure... the way to do this is to setup a call handler that plays a greeting like "Please give us some information about the bad driver you're calling about" and then has an after greeting action of "take message" - setup the subscriber or public distribution list you want to get messages from this call handler as the message recipient on the messages page of the call handler and you should be good to go.

There's no need to create a subscriber for this scenario at all - and using a public distribution list as the recipient means several subscribes can get messages for this call handler in their inboxes along with other messages they normally get.

I'd reccomend using the alternate greeting on the call handler so you don't have to worry about schedules.

for more details on how to setup audio text applications like these, check out the "Audiotext applications in Unity" paper on the Documents page of

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