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Problem accessing Opening Greeting

I am trying to set up a valid extension number in CallManager 3.2(2)c that I can use to direct calls into the default Opening Greeting in Unity 3.1(5)

I tried creating a CTI route point (and later, a fake phone) in CallManager, with a line that has a valid extension number provisioned to Forward All to voicemail. Initially, it worked. I got the default Opening Greeting message, "Hello, Unity Messaging System. From a touch-tone telephone, you may dial an extension at any time...." I did a few things in Unity as far as experimenting with adding new call handlers and changing call routing, but deleted all the changes to return back to the default config. Now, however, when I try to access the Opening Greeting with my extension number in CallManager, I am getting the message, "Sorry, Opening Greeting is busy or does not answer. You may record your message at the tone. ..." -- as if Opening Greeting were an actual Unity user account! It is as if the call routing rule for forwarding calls stops at the first rule, "Attempt Forward to Greeting," and does not proceed to the second rule, "Default Call Handler: Attempt transfer for Opening Greeing." Has anyone encountered this before, and if so, what's the fix?

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem accessing Opening Greeting

First, do you have an extension number associated with the opening greeting call handler?

Second, which greeting is enabled - try enabling the altnerate greeting and recording something in there to be sure you know which one is being hit. The greeting you describe sounds like the greeting Unity compliles on the fly (the "system greeting") when a recorded greeting is not found for a handler. It'll use the voice name of the handler as you're hearing there. This would mean either the greeting you have active has no WAV file associated with it or a greeting you're not expecting is firing up on you.

You can snag the updated port status monitor here:

You can use that if you can't figure out what the deal is - what what's happening when you call in and it can give you some clues about what's going on.

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