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Problem adding new users

I recently upgraded from ? to 3.1.5.

After upgrading I added several users with no problem. About a month later, however, the problem began.

When I click the "add user" button, it pops up the box to add the user. I click "new exchange user". But the "template", "server" and "mailstore" drop-down selections are empty as if Unity is somehow not reading the info from exchange, and subscriber templates.

Before this occured I recieved a message that the subscriber template on a user I was editing wasn't any good. (I don't remember the exact message). I have 2 custom templates, I tried them, but only the standard ones worked. Even a newly created template would not work.

I have enough licenses:

Licensed seats for: Total Used Unused

Voice Mail Users 50 46 4

Visual Messaging Users 0 2 -2

ActiveAssistant Users 50 46 4

Any suggestions?

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem adding new users

Could be a couple problems at play here... the server and mailstore drop downs being empty is probably a problem with Unity pointing at a GC or a DC that does not exist any longer (i.e. it was demoted, replaced, something) - Here's a post with some info on that issue:

The templates are something else entirely - after running down the DC/GC thing you may want to snag the latest dbWalker version off and run it to see what it has to say about the templates. Depending on what errors it barks about related to the templates we can decide what to do with it at that point.

Community Member

Re: Problem adding new users

The GC and DC are good in the registry.

I ran the latest DB Walker and it spit out no information, errors or otherwise, about templates. There were several errors, but they were mostly confined to subscriber errors.


The GC and DC are the Unity server - it is in it's own domain and it functions as the dc, gc, and exchange server. I haven't changed anything on it related to that.

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