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Problem deleting Unified Messaging user

I have a Unity 4.0.2 running Unified Messaging. The Exchange server is 2000. A user was deleted but when attempting to readd a user a problem was found. When attempting to import the user from exchange the user was not listed. However the account is listed in Exchange. When searching back thru Unity database for the extension used for the user is found the first name is a dash "-". There is no last name. The alias is akruse which was the user alias. When clicking on dash nothing happens. I am unable to access to delete. I ran DBWalker and that correct 7 of 8 errors. I have rebooted Unity but still problem exist. How can I get rid of account to be able to reimport user?

Cisco Employee

Re: Problem deleting Unified Messaging user

something funky happened here... I'm thinking there part of this not included in the description here because there's no reason Unity would wipe out a person's first/last name during a failed deletion attempt. Regardless...

If the user isn't being offered for import, it doesn't have to do with the database, it has to do with the user in the directory still being "stamped" as a subscriber - you'll need to remove the Unity properties from that user in the directory using the Global Subscriber Manager tool found in the tools depot on your desktop. Under the action menu choose import subscriber, then find the user in the AD container they're in, right click on them and choose to remove unity properties on them. Then the user should be available for import.

What's the 8th error reported that dbWalker needs you to fix manually? That's kind of important here since I'm deeply suspicious of what happened on this sytem to get that weird record in there with no first/last name on it. If there's any object listed in the database that still has hold of the extension number you want to use you'll need to clean it but I need to know if it's a stranded primary call handler or a subscriber record or what before I can tell you how to get rid of it.

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