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problem dialing from outlook

i am using my outlook to dial my contacts, the problem is that when i add a new contact if i don't check phone number, ie where outlook adds the country code the phone will not dial (though the country code is not dialed on the IP phone). i get a short dial tone on the phone which then hangs up and i get call could not get completed on my PC. if i check the number all works ok.

now this is fine but as my director is synchronizing his contacts onto his mobile phone he either needs the country code left out and the whole number put on his phone ie 0123456789 or he needs the country left in but the first zero removed ie +44123456789.

is there anyway of setting things up so that the number does not need checking

or does anyone know why it won't dial

any help would be appreciated, hope this post is not to garbled



Re: problem dialing from outlook

You must be able to manipulate the digits using Translation patterns.

Community Member

Re: problem dialing from outlook

No, not translation patterns in CCM. This should be handled in Outlook. Actually, in the Phone and Modem Dialing properties on the PC in question. Wheather this is or is not possible comes down to Microsoft, not Cisco. Cisco's tool only dials the number presented. It's up to Outlook/Windows to dicate what number to dial.

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