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problem on my CiscoIPPhoneImage


I have one CiscoIPPhoneImage.xml on my IIS directory and I put the link on my phone service, but I can't see the image on the phone.

my link is: http://<server address>/CiscoIPPhoneImage.xml

the xml is like a ".Cip" Image...




it's likes ok on the browser, but don't show anything on the phone! How can I fix it?


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Re: problem on my CiscoIPPhoneImage

OK, first, you said that it looks fine in a browser. Do you mean that in the browser you see the corrected formated XML fields, including a long string of characters for the picture data, or you see the actual picture? You should see the characters, in my experience.

Secondly, how are the phones accessing this image? Is it supposed to be an Idle image? If so, you need to specifiy that in the Idle URL on the Phone Config Page.


Re: problem on my CiscoIPPhoneImage

I'm assuming that you have used the gif2cip utility to convert your image to a cip format, and that the contents of the CiscoIPPhoneImage.xml file is the result of that conversion?

One thing you could try is to rename the CiscoIPPhoneImage.xml file to CiscoIPPhoneImage.asp, and add these lines to the top of the page:

<%@ Language=JavaScript %>


Response.ContentType = "text/xml";


That might help. Note that you will have to change the service definition on the CallManager to request the .asp file instead of the xml file, and update the subscription for the subscriber.

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