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Problem running App on IP Phone

I have created an ASP application that takes user inputs and queries and SQL database. It works perfectly when running from a web browser (displays the XML output in proper format), but will not run correctly from the IP Phone. After taking the input from the user, the phone makes the request to the database and just times out. If I push the actual request file with the search strings hard coded in, the Phone is able to query the DB properly and return the information I want. Doea anyone have any idea why the input form cannot call and complete the request file? Thanks

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Re: Problem running App on IP Phone

Are you using CiscoIPPhoneInput object without any custom soft keys or with custom soft keys? Can you post the XML out put for this particular page as you open it from web browser?

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Re: Problem running App on IP Phone

I was able to fix that problem. I am now able toe query the DB and return results to the phone. My only problem now is getting the results to display properly. It is putting large gaps between the output and have no idea why. It displays the XML correctly on my PC, but not on the phone.


Re: Problem running App on IP Phone


Can you describe how you fixed the initial problem (not getting the results). I seem to have the same issue with my application working in the emulator but not the phone.

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