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Problem Running GSM Off Box

I am attempting to use the GSM utility off of the server box. I have installed GSM on a Windows 2000 Professional Workstation. The logged on user has all administrative rights inside the unity application. I have created a group on my domain and using Enterprise Manager I have granted the following level of access:

1. Default Database to login to is UnityDb.

2. The group has not been granted any server roles.

3. The group has been granted the roles of Public and db_datareader for the UnityDb database.

When I launch the GSM Utility it will list all of the current Unity subscribers and I can click on them to launch the web utility and go to each of the subscribers.

The problem I am having is that when I try to import a Subscriber into Unity the process fails. When I choose to import a user it allows me to browse active directory and select a user. When I select the user it allows me to run the wizard to import them. However the process does not complete successfully and the user is not actually imported into Unity. I do not receive any error messages.

I have been able to successfully import a Unity subscriber using GSM Off Box when using an account that is a Domain Administrator and Exchange Full Administrator and so it appears that there is some permission somewhere that I am not getting set correctly for this other group of users.


Unity 4.0(2)

Exchange 2000

GSM 1.4 Build 10


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Re: Problem Running GSM Off Box

During an import we need write access to the database. Try granting db_datawriter as well. If that still fails send me the UnityADImportControl*.LOG files from the GSM\Logs directory.

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Re: Problem Running GSM Off Box

I added the role of db_datawriter and that did not solve the problem. As requested I have emailed you the UnityADImportControl*.LOG file. It appears from the log file that at least one of the steps I must follow is to grant execute rights to the sp_CreateSubscriber stored procedure. Are there any other permissions that are needed? According to the GSM Help file the only privileges that must be granted are the role of public and db_datareader.

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Re: Problem Running GSM Off Box

You have a few options here:

1) Add the user to the Local administrators group on the Unity server.

2) Continue through the process of granting minimal rights and attempting to import the user thereby uncovering another right that must be granted.

3) Use the GSM in a read-only manner and use the SA for all operations that require writing to the database.

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