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Problem with CH after using DIRT for migration

First of all, thanks for the DIRT util... it made a very tedious job much easier.<br><br>I used DIRT to move 3.13 from a HP box to a Compaq box to be compliant with the new rules of being on a Cisco approved box. The DIRT restore went well, with no errors reported.<br><br>I did have one problem however after it completed. It seems as if all the subscriber data came over fine... my and everyone else's mailboxes work just fine. But for some reason, the default call handlers aren't working. When you dial the VM line from the outside to check your messages, or from a non-registered extension, you usually get the opening greeting CH that says "Welcome to Unity blah blah blah". This greeting is gone.<br><br>Now when you dial in from the outside, you get a greeting that says "Sorry, Example Administrator is busy or does not answer". The prerecorded greeting is gone... and there is no option to record a new one. This is also true for the Goodbye handler and other default handlers.<br><br>So now, when a user calls in from the outside or checks messages from their rollover lines, they get "Sorry, example administrator is busy or does not answer", immediately followed by "Sorry, unaddressed messages is busy or does not answer" followed by "Sorry, example administrator is busy or does not answer."<br><br>Any suggestions? Is there any way to get my default handlers back in? I don't mind making a new opening greeting handler. I already set my goodbye handler to just hang up.<br><br>Thanks in advance.<br><br>


Re: Problem with CH after using DIRT for migration

You don't have the option to record a new greeting on the opening call handler? So the media master control is gray/disabled?

sounds like it's pointing to a greeting file that's not there. The greetings and voice names for the opening greeting, operator call handler, default interviewer, example administrator and example subscriber greetings are all in a different directory than the rest of the greetings and voice names (which is annoying... don't get me started). You'll find them in the \commserver\localize\defaultconfiguration\enu directory instead of the commserver\streamfiles directory.

I suspect something went goofy with the backup/restore of the greetings in this directory and the default objects have ended up pointing to WAV files that do not exist.

You can either jump into DPT or SQL directly and delete the associations and record new ones or figure out which ones it's trying to point to and change the name of the corresponding WAV file to match. Unfortunately the SA doesn't show you the path of the greeting it's looking for when you look at the media master control (another annoying thing).

One easy solution might be to download the Audio Text Manager tool off the 3.x tools page and load up the opening greeting call handler. It should show you the path to the WAV file it's looking for when you hover the mouse of the media master control. It should also let you record a new greeting regardless of if the path is missing now (unlike the SA).

Outside that you can wander into SQL and figure out the path it's looking for and go from there (somewhat more difficult since you have to delve into seperate tables and find the right guy, easier said than done).

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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