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problem with ciscopca login?

Config: single Unity server (4.01 DVD ver.)

Win 2k, Exch 2K Server, MSDE, DC

I install the ciscopca from 4.01 CD packs.

I have no problem with logging in ciscopca when adding subscriber on the SA page (default windows password: 12345678)

If I use bulk edit tool to import subscribers, then I can't log in ciscopca (i.e. access denied) unless reset the windows password on the AD users and computers manually.

What's cause with that case? Anything wrong?

Can user change their login password individually (like the option "change the phone password at next login") through the ciscopca login page?

Thx for your help!

New Member

Re: problem with ciscopca login?

I think what you are saying is that when you created users from the bulk tool, it did not set the password correctly? This is what I have seen with my site. I have set a password in the subscriber template, but the bulk add tool does not use it. I had to reset every one's password before they could log into the web pages.

One tip on this... If you have the list of user names, you can create a batch file and change every one's password all at once..

From the unity server or the AD controller, create a batch file with the following for every one's account

net user username password

For example If your username was fred and you wanted password 12345

Type: net user fred 12345

New Member

Re: problem with ciscopca login?

sorry for typing error, it should be bulk import tool.

thx for your great help!

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